Bfd Dental Insurnace

An Alternative to Dental Insurance

Dental insurance and coverage is constantly changing, becoming more complex than ever before. Additionally, some employers are no longer offering dental benefits to their staff as they look for ways to cut costs. This can be very challenging for families that need routine cleanings and dental work but are not exactly sure how to find the best solution.

There are many misconceptions about dental insurance. Patients often feel that they have to see a dentist in network because this will provide them with the best value for the care that they need. This is not always true! It is often the case that the “benefit” you receive from your dental insurance plan is off-set by the premium that you pay.

Our Membership Plan includes many benefits:

  • Professional dental cleanings (2 per year)
  • Doctor exams (1-2 per year)
  • Adult and perio plan include one fluoride treatment per year, children's plans include 2 treatments per year
  • Needed x-rays*
  • One emergency exam per year (if needed)
  • 15% off all other treatments
  • Payments can be made annually or monthly
  • Each additional family member receives 5% off the cost of the plan
  • Membership includes access to our easy to use patient portal what you review plan details, add family members, and update payment information

At Benton Family Dentistry in Hot Springs, Arkansas, we are proud to offer an in-office membership plan that provides numerous benefits and discounts to our members at a low monthly price. Our plan is an alternative to traditional dental insurance and is very simple to join. We provide our members with access to quality, affordable dental healthcare without the complexities and hassles that come with your dental insurance company.

Applying is easy, simply call (501) 623-6132 or visit our online application today to get started!

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