Preserve your oral health and a smile that you can be proud of with strong, attractive, long-lasting dental crowns

A tooth can become damaged or compromised due to a wide array of conditions, ranging from tooth decay, fractures, or as a result of trauma. When this happens, the structural integrity of the tooth is threatened.

Individuals and families in and around Hot Springs, Arkansas have the good fortune of being in close proximity to us – the friendly and skilled team at Benton Family Dentistry. Due to our advanced training and onsite capabilities, Dr. Kyle Benton and the rest of our team can preserve even badly damaged teeth with dental crowns.

Dr. Benton will take a close look at your troublesome tooth and the rest of your mouth, including using leading-edge technologies like 3D x-rays to see things that cannot be detected with the eyes alone. If Dr. Benton recommends that a full-coverage dental crown is necessary to restore a severely damaged or weakened tooth, he will discuss next steps with you so function and appearance are restored.

For decades, dental bridges have been a go-to option to replace missing teeth that have at least one tooth on either side of the ‘gap’. A conventional fixed, or cemented, dental bridge is made up of at least one replacement tooth (the pontic or ‘bridge’ portion) and at least one anchoring dental crown on each side. The pontic and dental crowns are lab-created, fused together as one unit. After the teeth are prepared and the lab creates the bridge, Dr. Benton expertly cements the bridge in place.

Because a dental bridge is one unit, special care must be taken to practice excellent home care, cleaning under the pontic or ‘bridge’ portion and around the supporting crowned teeth. Patients who are concerned about potential hygiene challenges associated with conventional bridges may be interested in dental implants! A dental implant replacing a single tooth is much easier to keep clean and maintain than a fixed bridge.

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