Digital x-rays are a safe, fast, comfortable, precise first step to effective treatments

Digital x-rays fit in seamlessly with our fundamental approaches to dental care at Benton Family Dentistry. Led by Dr. Kyle Benton, our knowledgeable and kind team is pleased to provide a safe, comfortable, convenient, and precise, alternative to “standard” dental radiography or x-rays.  

Safety: Digital imaging is associated with up to 80% lower radiation exposure than standard, film-based radiography systems. 

Comfort:  Intraoral digital sensors are small and more comfortable than ever before, and full mouth x-rays do not require that anything be placed inside the patient’s mouth. 

Convenience: Digital x-rays are easier for patients since they only require a few seconds of  “still time” per image. Images can be immediately viewed on a monitor by Dr. B and his team, alongside the patient. 

Precision: Digital radiography systems produce images that are very clear and detailed,  allowing Dr B to detect potential problems earlier and with more accuracy. 

Our patients appreciate that they can have a better understanding of the state of their oral health and make more informed decisions about their care by viewing the x-rays alongside Dr. Benton.  

As you can tell, there are numerous benefits of advanced dental technologies like digital x-rays. Experience them for yourself! Please schedule an appointment at our office in Hot Springs by calling (501) 623-6132 or, for your convenience, book your visit on this website.