Dental fillings preserve the health and beauty of your teeth 

When working with families throughout Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the Diamond Lakes area, the goal at Benton Family Dentistry is to help keep patients’ mouths cavity-free! In doing so, patients young, old, and “in-between” avoid the need for dental restorations such as fillings. However, there may be some circumstances when fillings are a necessary and appropriate way to restore the health, structure, and function of the affected teeth. 

The process  

The process of getting a filling is fast and straightforward. Our dentist, Dr. Kyle Benton, gently numbs the treatment site to ensure a comfortable procedure for each patient.The tooth-colored composite resin material is matched to your tooth and precisely applied, then “cured” or hardened to secure the resin. 

That’s it! You are ready to smile confidently and chew your favorite foods again without pain. Treated teeth can hold up well for years with proper care at home and regular visits to our office for dental exams and professional cleanings. We can also discuss dental sealants – this treatment may be recommended to protect decay-prone premolars and molars. These teeth tend to be more vulnerable to tooth decay because they contain grooves or pitted surfaces that can hold food particles and plaque bacteria, and may be difficult to clean thoroughly with your toothbrush.  Due for an exam? Call us at Benton Family Dentistry; you can reach us at (501) 623-6132. We look forward to your call and getting to know you and your family.