About Our Practice

At Benton Family Dentistry, we are proud to have a technologically advanced, state of the art practice located right here in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Our office was designed with patient comfort in mind. The moment that you walk in to our office, you greeted by our staff and are made comfortable in patient waiting lounge.

Our practice utilizes the latest bite analysis software on the market. We scan your mouth to determine and pinpoint exact spots of contact. This is extremely accurate and allows us to administer various procedures with 100% accuracy.
Our digital X-Ray system is crystal clear and provides our patients with the reassurance that no issue slips through the cracks. Whether we are looking to pinpoint a current issue you are having or just being proactive and preventive with a possible issue down the road, our digital x-ray machine will help us to determine the appropriate direction, both inside and out.
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Proud Member of Smile Source

Smile Source is a network of extraordinary dental care practitioners who strive to provide our patients with the best care available. We are also dedicated to preserving the elite business of independent dental care and providing highly personalized services delivered through a unique heritage of shared expertise.

"The people are so nice and they always make sure I'm comfortable before they start any work. They have worked with me financially as well!!!"

Briana Looney

Dr. Benton - Benton Family Dentistry

Meet Dr. Kyle Benton

Dentistry is not just Dr. Benton’s job – it’s part of who he is. There is no doubt that! 
Dr. B loves what he does as a professional and is committed to helping others. Dr. Benton is a fun-loving, energetic, enthusiastic man with a passion for life. This helps put patients at ease right away. He places a high priority on developing strong personal relationships with patients and aims to educate them about their oral health while explaining all treatment possibilities so patients can feel confident and knowledgeable about the options that are available to them. Dr. Benton strives to provide the highest quality care to patients. This includes using modern dental technology and techniques, the very best dental materials and laboratories available, and a having a highly trained and caring team working alongside him. He is committed to being a lifelong learner, continually pursuing information about new techniques and procedures that could benefit his patients.
Dr. Benton is a faithful husband to his lovely wife Amberlee, and a devoted Dad to three precious children – Brayden, Oakes, and Magnolia. Whether it’s having a cookout, watching the Hogs or celebrating a special occasion, time with family and friends is a priority. Dr. Benton and his wife love spending as much time together as a family as possible. He and his family are active, serving members of First Baptist Church in Hot Springs. Dr. Benton is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hunting and fishing, and likes going running to stay in shape. 
Dr. Benton is proud to be involved in several dental organizations including the American Dental AssociationArkansas Dental Association, Hot Springs Study Club and Smile Source. Smile Source is extremely important to him because it is an organization created by and comprised of independent private practice dentists, with the goal of creating a place for collaboration between doctors and their teams while protecting the integrity of independent private practice dentistry. 





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