Customized to each patient, our professional options whiten teeth safely, predictably, and comfortably!

Teeth whitening is a truly cosmetic dental procedure available at Benton Family Dentistry in Hot Springs, Arkansas. While the white fillings and porcelain crowns that Dr. Kyle Benton provides may have the nice “side effect” of cosmetic enhancement, aesthetics alone is not the primary benefit of restorative dental procedures in most cases. Professional whitening is planned, administered, and monitored by licensed dental professionals such as Dr. Benton. You can trust that your KöR whitening treatment will be tailored to your specific needs and goals. This approach supports the most comfortable, risk-free, and attractively-whitened teeth possible.

A few things it is important for our patients to understand about professional tooth whitening:

Professional whitening is planned carefully based on each patient’s individual situation.

  • Because each patient’s circumstances and needs are unique, a consultation prior to beginning the whitening process is necessary. Dr. Benton and his team want each of our KöR whitening candidates to get the absolute best possible result – with clear expectations and a personalized plan in place, we can achieve that.

Professional treatment of stains and discoloration must be done on teeth that are healthy. The foundation of your mouth – your gums and bone – should also be inflammation and disease free.

  • Restorative dental work to resolve decay should be completed prior to moving forward with KöR professional teeth whitening at our office. Treatments such as scaling and root planing to stop the progression of gum disease may also be recommended to resolve active infections before proceeding with the whitening process.

Existing dental restorations do not lighten like natural teeth do.

  • For this reason, if you choose to pursue teeth whitening, some restorations might need to be replaced. In these cases, Dr. Benton would whiten the teeth to the desired level, and then the new restorations would be precisely color-matched to blend in seamlessly with your new whiter smile.

At Benton Family Dentistry, we use only the best and most effective dental products. KöR is widely recognized as the world’s most effective whitening system – with no need for lights or lasers. For more information about the KöR system and answers to some FAQs, use the following link:

We work closely with our patients to help them maintain their dazzling results. Good home care and attending visits with our hygienists and Dr. Benton at your personally recommended intervals will be crucial to keep your teeth looking great! We’re also happy to discuss at-home whitening and touch-ups at our office for practically permanent results.

Call Benton Family Dentistry today to find out more about your options and to schedule a consultation. We can be reached at (501) 623-6132, or for your convenience, request an appointment on this website.